Introducing the Panamax

Today, as more people are turning to bicycles for exercise, transportation, and fun MKS is pleased to launch a new city, town, and fitness pedal. The Panamax pedal has a large PP resin body that is equipped with a wide, soft tread surface that’s been designed for comfort and style. The name is inspired by the "the largest ship that can pass through the Panama Canal". We chose this name because we had to increase the size of the tools in our factory to accommodate this extra-large pedal body. This is literally the largest pedal we can make! The Panamax is built around our time proven Cup and Cone bearing system, featuring a user serviceable bearings that with minimal maintenance can provide years of service.   

We expect these will arrive at dealers outside of Japan around August .
For more information, click here to view the product page.



Panamax Ezy Superior


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