How to select proper sized Toe Clip

It is difficult to select proper sized toe clip only based on the shoe size, Because their various width and instep-height even though the shoe length is same. So please confirm [SIZE TABLE OF TOE CLIP]

How to select profer sized Toe Clip.pdf

●Fit your foot onto the pedal naturally with wearing your shoe as shown right, And measure out the distance between toe clip and front step plate(A).
(It is generally accepted that the ball of your foot will locate just above the spindle when your shoe position is appropriate)

●The nearest ① figure on the table suggests proper sized clip for you.

※Our standard clips height(⑤ on the table) are designed based on bicycle racing shoes. If you aim to ride with thick sole shoes, our recommendation is TOE CLIP DEEP, HALF CLIP DEEP and CAGE CLIP series, which has high instep plate.